Reliable power supplies for harsh environments

Wellforces’s Meanwell HLG family Power Supply has been highly evaluated ever since its launch to the market. Its outstanding characteristics such as high efficiency, flexible dimming function and five-year warranty have provoked a warm response and praise by all in the illumination market. It has earned millions of customers’ favor. Moreover, the advantages of HLG series are far more than that. General power supplies are helpless to harsh working environments, but, how does HLG perform?

With strictly chosen of high reliable components, HLG series (standard models) can power on at -40℃ of low temperature, some modified models even can power on at -60℃. In addition, they can be cooled by free air convection and operated at 70℃ of high temperature by suitable derating. Furthermore, with aluminum enclosure and stainless screws design, this family is fully potted by heat-conducted glue (IP65/67 structure), which has the anti-moisture and anti-dust ability for harsh environment. Furthermore, these power units possess 4kV of surge immunity (EN61000-4-5) ability (no damage by 6kV single hit). Thus, the power supply and the end systems can be protected from the damage of instant influx of big current. As for its mechanical strength, the full range of products have 5G anti-vibration capacity, which can effectively prevent the parts from any functional damage and loss caused by the transport bumping or operating vibration.

In conclusion, Meanwell HLG series can break through numerous difficulties and make a competent role regardless of any application environment such as cold or hot, dusty or highly humid, vibrating or rainy. In addition to the indoor and outdoor LED illumination applications, HLG family is also a good solution to be used for industrial purposes, such as lawn mower, electric vehicle charging, telecom device and security control systems…etc. In all kinds of application in harsh environment, even in military application, Wellforces hopes to be able to give you a hand to solve the intractable power supply problems!

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