The operating environment of the switching power supply will affect its reliability.

  1.  Vapor, Moisture

    If the S.P.S. is used in vaporous or moisture rich environment, there’s the possibility that the switching power supply may become out of order after a certain period of operation. Therefore don’t use the switching power supply moisture rich environment. If it is necessary, please contact the supplier for more information about special treatment against the moisture.

  2.  Dust

    If the S.P.S. is used in a dusty environment, the dust may collect on the fan and PCB causing circuit failure because of decay in the insulation. Protective measure should be taken to reduce dust settlement (e.g. dust filter).

  3.  Vibration and Impact

    If the switching power supply is used in a vibrating environment or subjected to impact, the power

    supply may become out of order.

  4.  Electromagnetic Field

    If S.P.S is used in an environment with high electrical field, magnetic field, or strong electromagnetic wave, the power supply may become out of order.

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