1. There are some minimum-load requirements on MEAN WELL’s multi-output power supplies, please refer to the specification first before connecting the load.
For example, the output specification for RD-65A is:
5V, 0.3~8.0A
12V, 0.2~4.0A
When the load condition is 5V/4A, 12V/0A, the output voltage of the 12V channel will be around 12.8V that is over the ?% of voltage deviation (12.72V) specified in the spec. sheet. If we add in the minimum load 0.2A (by paralleling 60Ω/5W resistor) to the 12V channel, the 12V channel will reduce to around 12.3V which is within the specification. Similarly, if there is no load on the 5V channel, the output will be out of specification as well.
If only one channel is used for certain application, please make sure to add a minimum load (dummy load) to the channel not used. Please contact Wellforces Sales Team if you require assistance choosing a dummy load.

2. Although each channel of a multi-output power supply can work up to the maximum current listed, the total operation wattage of all channels should not exceed the specification.

For example,  according to the above spec sheet, RD-125A is rated at 130.9W and  has output current range of:
5V, 2~15A
12V, 0.5~10A
If you try to operate it with 5V/15A and 12V/10A loading, the total power would be 195W which is over the rated power. So you need to decrease loading to one or both channel to keep the total power under 130W, or choose a higher rated power supply.

Please contact Wellforces for assistance on choosing a multi-output power supply.

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