LEDs Deserve Better Power Supplies

Facing dramatic climate change and soaring energy prices, governments around the world are beginning to list some high energy consuming products as prohibited products, and incandescent lamps are on top of the list. Banning the use of incandescent lamps first began in the European Union (EU) and Japan, followed by other countries. Based on the timeline of the worldwide ban on incandescent light bulbs, it is suggested that most countries have set 2012 as the deadline of banning incandescent light bulbs, which also marks the rise of LED lighting.


To comply with global trend of energy saving, Wellforces continuously introduced various high quality LED power supply products and accessories to NZ market from the world famous brand – Meanwell. Mean Well’s LED drivers are always designed for higher efficiency, lower heat dissipation and in compliance with the latest lighting regulations all over the world. Wellforces stocks the complete range from low cost plastic models to high end metal casing up to 5 years warranty. Most importantly, as usual Mean Well has made this range of products very reliable in order to match with the long lifespan of LEDs. Not only distributing these quality power supply products, Wellforces also provides services of product selection & customisation, as well as LED circuit design for lighting manufacturers. They offer complete and reliable LED lighting solutions. Wellforces’s LED power supply products have been widely used for street lighting, architectural lighting, embedding lighting and LED sign board. The robust design with high protection level against dust and moisture makes them suitable for all kinds of indoor or outdoor installation of LED related applications.

Take LED street lighting as an example, it has many advantages, in particular, it offers unmatched energy-saving and environmental friendliness compared to traditional street lamps. As green environmental protection becomes a global theme today, it has won extensive support from governments and industries. When its technology becomes mature, its strength in eco-friendliness will be more salient. Nowadays, the LED industry is one of the most promising industries, where the speed of technological advancement has gone beyond imagination and industry standards are being established. When the LED street lamp has a stable quality, long lifetime, and intelligent control, its cost will then lower to an acceptable range, and LED street lamps will ultimately replace the conventional ones. Mean Well does sense the rising demand of LED streetlamp accompanying the technical enhancement and price decreasing in LED chips. Among Mean Well LED power products, the CLG & HLG families for streetlamp application have been bestsellers, and the sales continuously achieve new records. The HLG-240 series, with high efficiency reaching 94%, has penetrated the market aggressively; many of streetlamp manufacturers in Taiwan and China requested for testing samples, and this series now has been design-in the latest version of LED streetlamps among numerous customers. The high efficiency of HLG series help arise LED streetlamp system efficiency, and lower its cost by enabling system designers to choose for lower-end LED chips. This might be the main reason that accelerates the replacing process of LED streetlamp from traditional streetlamp. It is estimated that there will continuously be big increase in the demand of LED streetlamp power supply, and Wellforces is well prepared for this market with Mean Well’s new high efficiency products of 40~320W HLG-40/60/80/100/120/150/185/320.


Other LED applications such as general illumination and decorative lighting have already shown strength over traditional lighting, and will continue to be a replacement solution for incandescent and fluorescent lights over the next a few years. Since LEDs are also electronics, thus controls of these devices become easier. However, this transition becomes pointless if the LED driver fails easily and before the actual LED failure. Wellforces kept this in mind and is dedicated to only bring you the highest quality Meanwell LED power supply products. Mean Well’s LED power supplies also come with Constant Voltage, Constant Current or 3 in 1 dimming function, which ensures the products to suit any kinds of lighting application during this technology transformation. “LEDs deserve better power supplies”, concludes Mr Lenny Peng, Wellforces Limied. “And we are here to offer reliable solutions for LED applications.”

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