This project done by University of Canterbury demonstrated a typical use of Mean Well HLG series for high output LED application.

As part of our equipment here at the University, it became necessary to have high power illumination for use with our high speed cameras. Standard halogen photographic lamps at 2kW soon proved to be troublesome due to the high heat output. An alternative was found in Bridgelux BXRA series LED array modules- these have outputs up to 10,000 lumens and consume only 100W of power- a much cooler beam (although even this optical radiation will burn paper and melt plastic at close range).

 To power these LED arrays we have used Meanwell constant current LED drivers. The latest design we have built uses the HLG series LED driver,  to produce a self contained, tripod mountable lamp.

 The technical information provided by Wellforces on their website, and the helpful sales staff were instrumental in making this project a success.

—— Says Julian Phillips, Technical Officer at University of Canterbury

Product Used:

Mean Well HLG Power Supply

Project Photo:

IMG1149 IMG1150 IMG1151 IMG1152 IMG1154

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