1. Meanwell PB-120, PB-230 and PB-300/360 are all suitable for this operation.

2. For old version of PB-600 and PB-1000 ( 2/8 stage selectable, production prior to mid 2010) this operation is NOT possible. Charger will stop charging once it is fully charged. You need to re-power on for start charging again.

3. For the modified version PB-600-WL and PB-1000-WL (2/8 stage selectable), Please make sure “2-stage” is selected for this operation.

4. For the new version PB-600 and PB-1000 series (2/3/8 stage selectable), please make sure “3-stage” is selected so that the charger will continue charging even battery is fully charged.

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