Learn LED technology in under 90 seconds

    LED Fundamentals LED is a light emitting semiconductor device similar to an ordinary diode. As forward current flowing through the P-N junction of the semiconductor material, photons are released as a results of electrons moving across the diode and falling into P- type layer. Depending on the photon’s frequency, it could either be invisible to [...]

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    3-in1-dimming example

    How to dim LED Lights – Circuit & Examples

    There are variety of LED power supplies that are equipped with dimming function and numerous dimmers are available. However, different LED lights require different dimming technology and dimmers. Now let’s discuss the three basic dimming technologies for LED in details: (1) Dimming of Constant Voltage (CV) LEDs A typical CV LED product  is LED strip lights. Each [...]

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    LED Wiring Guide

    LEDs are polarised with positive and negative. Before any wiring is performed, the polarity of LED should be identified. If the reverse voltage applied to LEDs is too high, it may damage them permanently. There are two types of basic LED lighting circuits: (1) Constant Voltage (CV) – LEDs are wired in “Parallel”, voltage across each LED [...]

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