We’ve had a very successful exhibition at SouthMACH

    Thanks for your support everybody, we’ve had a very successful exhibition at SouthMACH Christchurch. For those who did not have time to come to see us at the show, you can always comes to our Auckland showroom. Or visit us in 2014 Auckland’s EMEX Exhibition or 2015 Christchurch’s SouthMACH

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    LEDs Deserve Better Power Supplies

    LEDs Deserve Better Power Supplies Facing dramatic climate change and soaring energy prices, governments around the world are beginning to list some high energy consuming products as prohibited products, and incandescent lamps are on top of the list. Banning the use of incandescent lamps first began in the European Union (EU) and Japan, followed by [...]

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    LED Wiring Guide

    LEDs are polarised with positive and negative. Before any wiring is performed, the polarity of LED should be identified. If the reverse voltage applied to LEDs is too high, it may damage them permanently. There are two types of basic LED lighting circuits: (1) Constant Voltage (CV) – LEDs are wired in “Parallel”, voltage across each LED [...]

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    Reliable Mean Well Power Supplies for Harsh Environments

    Reliable power supplies for harsh environments Wellforces’s Meanwell HLG family Power Supply has been highly evaluated ever since its launch to the market. Its outstanding characteristics such as high efficiency, flexible dimming function and five-year warranty have provoked a warm response and praise by all in the illumination market. It has earned millions of customers’ [...]

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